Promotional Kitchen Items – 5 in 1 Measuring Spoon – MARCO

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Promotional Kitchen Items – 5 in 1 Measuring Spoon – MARCO
Replace your clutter of measuring spoons with just this one!

Hi, I’m Andy and this is your MARCO Minute with the 5-in-1 promotional measuring spoon.

These personalized kitchen items give you five different common measurement tools in one single spoon! These houseware essentials are frequently used and will keep your organization’s 2 1/4″w x 3/4″h custom imprinted logo in full display on the handle on a daily basis!

Choose from an array of color options and make your selection based on what best coordinates with your event theme or brand for an even more powerful impact. These promotional measuring spoons will provide your customers and prospects with the ability to reduce clutter in their kitchen…not to mention it is easy to clean too! Move the measurement slider all the way to the end to remove it – providing full access for washing.

Not only is this spoon the perfect item for a bakery or cooking class to use to promote their products and services, but it is a great universal item for anyone to show how they measure up against the competition! Order your free sample today to see if this is right for you!

It is Item Number HI-14025 on or call 877.592.4980. Remember, Promote Smart. IT’S EASY!® with MARCO.

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