How to clean a Dualit Toaster

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How to clean a Dualit Toaster
The classic Dualit toaster has a stainless steel cover which goes from the back, over the top and down the front of the toaster. The ends are made from cast aluminium. Many Dualit toasters sold today have painted ends, but as Dualit toasters last so long, (one reason being that it is possible to buy new elements from Dualit and install them very easily) there are hundreds of thousands of the classic toaster still in use today in homes and catering businesses.

Old Dualit toasters can look great again if they are thoroughly cleaned and their shine is restored. In fact they can look almost as good as new.

Now the Dualit web site recommends using a damp cloth to clean them which is fine for everyday cleaning. For tougher marks they say that a stainless steel cleaner can be used for the cover, but not on the aluminium which they say can be discoloured by the stainless steel cleaner.

This is where Vistal scores because it is a natural product which is not acidic or alkaline and contains no strong chemicals, but it does remove the burn marks, spots, oxidisation and grease from the stainless steel AND the aluminium and restores them to their original shine.

See the video which shows the process of cleaning with Vistal Multi Surface Cleaner and the Vistal sponge. It shows that then you simply wipe off the residue and then buff to a shine with a dry cloth.

Pictures of the toaster before and after restoration are on the Dualit Toaster cleaning blog post on the Vistal web page.

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