Indonesian cops kill suspected bad guy after pressure cooker bomb explodes in Bandung – TomoNews

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Indonesian cops kill suspected bad guy after pressure cooker bomb explodes in Bandung – TomoNews
BANDUNG, INDONESIA — Cops in Indonesia’s third biggest city shot a suspected ISIS supporter dead on Monday after the man detonated a pressure cooker bomb in a park.

No other casualties were reported in the attack, which took place at around 9 a.m. in the city of Bandung, the Sydney Morning Herald reported.

Two terrorists are suspected of taking part in the attack. One, reportedly a woman, escaped on a motorbike. The other bomber then ran to a government office close to the park.

Police and the bomb squad blocked the area and evacuated office workers and members of the public. Cops tried to negotiate with the bomber. But when he set fire to the top floor of the government office, they raided the building.

Worried that the man was carrying a second explosive device, the cops shot him dead.

According to reports, the ISIS sympathizer demanded the cops release terrorists from prison before he was shot dead.


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