Minnie’s Microwave Oven Toy with Electronic Cash Register Disney Toy Minnie Mouse BowTique Collector

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Minnie’s Microwave Oven Toy with Electronic Cash Register Disney Toy Minnie Mouse BowTique Collector
This is Minnie’s Microwave Oven Toy of her Disney Minnie Mouse BowTique cartoon from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse TV Show presented by DisneyCollector. Help prepare some of her favorite food with this Marvelous Oven. This pretend microwave oven is great for young kids babies & toddlers, features light-up, sounds and phrases! Place your treat on the plate, press the sounding buttons and watch as the timer counts down and the plate spins! Comes with bag of popcorn, Graham Crackers, one minnie mouse shaped marshmallow, pretzel and a can of soup. Like to have fun wth Play Doh? Then You can also make pretend snacks sweets and treats using your favorite PlayDough. Minnie talks to you while you cook. In order for her to cook some desserts she went Shopping for groceries using the “Minnie Mouse Electronic Cash Register”. she got Hot Dogs, Donuts, orange juice, Strawberry Milk and Chocolate. Thx 4 watching another Unboxing Review.

The Talking Minnie Mouse Electronic Cash Register Toy is from Takaratomy Tomica and speaks English and Japanese. Its called: ディズニー トゥーンタウン ミニーマウス 英語と日本語! by タカラトミー in Japan Toy Stores.

Revision de Juguete MicroOndas Horno y Caja Registradora Electrónica de La Boutique de Moños de Minnie Mouse japonés de para niños y niñas. Set viene con monedas, billetes, monedas, tarjeta de crédito y multitud de funciones y sonidos. Tiene cajón del dinero con apertura automática y sonido. Recomendado para niños y niñas a partir de 18 meses. Se encuentra en las tiendas de juegos y juguetes de Japón.

Here’s how this is called in other languages: Caja Registradora, Caisse Enregistreuse Électronique, 미니 전자 레인지 반죽 플레이, Elektronische Registrierkasse, Registratore di Cassa, Kassa, Caixa Registadora Electronica, caixa registradora eletrônica, ηλεκτρονική ταμειακή μηχανή, электронный кассовый аппарат, 전자 금전 등록기, 電子式金銭登録機, máy tính tiền điện tử, daftar tunai elektronik, elektronik yazarkasa, Minnie Elektronische Kasse, Caixa Registradora Eletrônica da Loja de Laços da Minnie.

Minnie’s Bow-Toons is animated cartoon Also called: Minnie Loja de Laços, La Boutique de Minnie, Los cuentos de Minnie, Minnie Toons, La Fiocco Boutique di Minni, Butik Minnie, бутик Минни, Минни-Маус Бутик, Boutique de Moños de Minnie, A Loja de Laços da Minnie, La Casa de Mickey Mouse, Clubul lui Mickey Mouse, La Maison de Mickey, Micky Maus Wunderhaus, La casa di Topolino, A Casa de Mickey Mouse.

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