Zoku Ice Cream Maker Review

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Zoku Ice Cream Maker Review
Hi Guys, today I’m reviewing the Zoku Ice Cream Maker. It makes a 5 ounce serving of ice cream, gelato, frozen yogurt or sorbet in 10 minutes. This is a single serve unit. The Zoku comes with the stainless steel inner bowl, outer sleeve, spoon and instruction manual with some recipes. It is BPA free.
Link to Zoku Ice Cream Maker: http://amzn.to/1XctD12

The unit is the size of a cereal bowl. It comes in lots of fun colors, this pretty blue, red, lime green, orange, purple and light blue. To make ice cream, take the inner bowl out of the outer sleeve. Put this in the freezer upright for 12 hours. While it’s freezing, make your ice cream mixture. Any mixture you use has to be chilled and at 40 degrees fahrenheit or less. So the longer you chill the mixture, the better. I’m making vanilla ice cream and am using the recipe from the manual. The recipes in the manual make 6 5 oz servings. I just cut the recipe to two servings so I have 10 ounces here. This is ½ cup milk, ½ cup cream, ⅓ cup sugar, pinch of salt and 1.5 tsps vanilla extract. Make sure to stir the ingredients for about 3 minutes because the sugar and salt have to be completely dissolved. It’s an extremely simple recipe. I could just drink this, it’s sooo good.

My ice cream mixture is chilled. The bowl has been in the freezer for over 12 hours. Put the bowl in the outer sleeve. There is no locking or snapping, the bowl just sits in the sleeve. Use 5 ounces of ice cream mixture. I like to put my mixture in a measuring cup in the fridge, it’s so much easier to know how much to pour, there’s no guessing. I’ll start my timer. Immediately after you pour the mixture, start scraping the bowl with the included spoon. Scrape the mixture into the middle, stir and scrape continuously. If you wait too long to stir, the ice cream could really harden up and be harder to scrape. Clean the spoon on the edge of the bowl. You can see the ice cream is starting to get thick. This is the time to add any toppings you might want to – chocolate chips or crumbled up cookies, candy, berries, whatever you like. The ice cream is formed in 5 minutes. If you want very hard ice cream, put the bowl in the fridge for 10 – 20 minutes. The outer sleeve cannot go in the freezer.

Wash the ice cream maker in warm, soapy water. This is not dishwasher safe. If the outer sleeve gets stuck, rinse the whole thing under warm water and twist the sleeve off. You can separate the unit like this to clean and it just snaps back together. Don’t scrub or use any utensils other than the included spoon. Dry the unit and store it in your freezer so it’s ready to pull out when you want ice cream.

The Zoku is a good single serve ice cream maker. It’s great for people who want to make healthier frozen desserts and also those who believe in portion control. If you start scooping store bought ice cream, it’ll definitely turn out to be more than 5 ounces. As with any ice cream maker, it’s nice to be able to control the ingredients that go into your dessert. I think this will also be fun for kids. Of course you’ll have to get them each their own unit but it’ll keep them busy for a few minutes.

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Zoku provided a sample for this review

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