Cuisinart CPK18E Smart Kettle Unboxing/Review

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Cuisinart CPK18E Smart Kettle Unboxing/Review
Unboxing and testing the new Cuisinart CPK-18E (2750W) stainless steel smart kettle. Please note this is the European version of the kettle graduated in Celsius (°C) degrees. The results of the test are following: It takes 51 second to heat up the 500ml of cold water till the 85°C (enough for the 2 cups of the green tea) and 2 minutes 23 seconds to boil the 1 liter of water (100°C). The only downside of this kettle is that the stainless steel sides heat up a lot during the process. In general this is a great product from Cuisinart which I would recommend you.

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