#RetroJuicer #Fail: fallen out of love with it :( | Problems I had with the Retro Juicer

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#RetroJuicer #Fail: fallen out of love with it 🙁 | Problems I had with the Retro Juicer
Was starting to have a few too many issues with the Retro Juicer so I arranged to exchange it with http://juicemaster.com for a Juice Producer KT2200 which should be replacing my RetroJuicer on Tues.

I just share the problems I had, with the lid getting stuck, the juice not ejecting all the pulp, clogging up in the screen, and the augur not properly mashing everything up.. Juice quality was amazing, but was finding the pulp getting stuck in the juicer was just a bit too much of a problem with me, and didn’t want to keep the juicer, and keep having to wash it out after making one or two juices, so decided best decision for me was to return it, and fortunately the team at http://juicemaster.com were more than happy to help! So glad I tried it, but cannot advocate or recommend this juicer right now.. It’s just caused so many problems for me.. I really don’t like all the struggles and issues I had with it so far.. Maybe the next version might be better.. who knows.. Let me know in the comments if you’ve had any issues, or if you have any solutions to help make using the juicer a bit easier/better for anyone else that has one, or is considering one..

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