Behind-the-Scenes of Rejuice Nutrition| Cold-Press Juice VS Fresh Juice

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Behind-the-Scenes of Rejuice Nutrition| Cold-Press Juice VS Fresh Juice
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Founded in 2011, Rejuice! is the Original Montreal Juice Company owned and operated by Joanna Barcessat. Joanna worked many years as a personal trainer, spinning and fitness instructor before discovering the joys of juicing while studying Naturopathy. She opened Rejuice! in 2011 and has recently expanded to a second location in Westmount. We offer daily home delivery of our signature raw, organic cold-pressed juices in the Montreal area. Try one today or enjoy an alkaline cleanse and reap the health benefits.

The Benefits of Juicing

Vegetable juicing provides your body with a very concentrated source of essential vitamins, nutrients and enzymes, particularly when organic vegetables are used. This can serve to:

-Boost the immune system, fight disease, accelerate recovery from illness, improve or alleviate symptoms.
-Boost your metabolism and maintain a healthy weight.
-Reduce the effects of aging, slow the onset of age-related illnesses
-Alleviate the symptoms of depression
-Stabilize your body’s PH levels by reducing metabolic acidosis.
-Cleanse and detox with an alkaline plant-based diet.
Our Methods

We offer both cold-pressed and fresh-pressed juices. What’s the difference? FRESH JUICES, available at our Juice Bar, need to be enjoyed immediately to take advantage of the nutrient value of the fruit and vegetables. On the other hand, our BOTTLED COLD-PRESSED JUICES are made on a Norwalk juicer and hydraulic press which gives them a refrigerated shelf life of 72 hours.

Why Cold-Pressed?
This process yields 5 times more enzymes, vitamins and minerals than most conventional juicers.


Made with up to 6lbs of

THE rejuice! CLEANSE
Our cleansing program consists of six fresh pressed juices and smoothies for each day.

Video shot by Brian Finlay and edited by David Adelman –

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