Business Coffee maker Bunn 12cup Pourover review

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Business Coffee maker Bunn 12cup Pourover review
Bunn 12cup Pourover review

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Bunn 12cup Pourover review:
Made in the USA. 12-Cup Pourover Commercial Coffee Brewer with Two Warmers, Upper and Lower and Two Glass Decanters in Black is an integral part of any office coffee service program. Totally portable, the brewer can be used anywhere there’s a plug! Just pour cold water in the top and coffee brews immediately, up to 3.8 gallons per hour directly into the included standard 12-cup (64-ounce) decanters. It’s attractive, black finish allows for quick and easy clean up and the Splash-Guard funnel protects the user from burns. Includes two Easy Pour glass decanters.
1. Tired of waiting for your coffee to brew? this system kicks butt! it will brew a pot in @2 minutes,of HOT delicious coffee. don’t think, buy it, it blows all other makers away, no cheap garbage here.
2. We have it where I work and have a lot of coffee drinkers. The Bunn likely makes ten pots a day and it does so flawlessly.
The last Bunn we had lasted twenty years and I am sure this one will as well.
3. Brews coffee quickly and keeps it nice and hot. I can have regular on one burner and decaf on the other. Just pour water in the top and almost instantly, you get coffee going into the pot. Takes just a few minutes to brew a pot so I don’t have to start it way ahead of time – the coffee can be done just when I need it so its fresh.
4. I work at a performing arts venue and our hours are absolutely crazy. Load-in starts at 5 a.m. and its very normal to work at 16 hour day when we have a performance on stage. Needless to say, our building goes through a lot of coffee. This machine has kept up with us and brewed a perfect pot every time. It can brew a full pot in 2 minutes and has 3 pots of hot water inside it at all times so you can go pot after pot with hot water. Great choice for any organization that goes through a lot of coffee!
Bunn 12cup Pourover review

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