Coffee MAchine Illy Y1.1 Touch Iperespresso

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Coffee MAchine Illy Y1.1 Touch Iperespresso
Y1.1 Touch is the natural evolution of the Y1 machine. Both aim to provide a sensorial experience where minimalist design and excellent coffee blend
into one, with the added value of speed, immediacy, and ease of use.
A particular feature of Y1.1 Touch is its ability to memorize the user’s preference for normal espresso or espresso lungo thanks to two touch-sensitive icons.
Simply by pressing one of the two icons, the machine begins to deliver coffee and stops automatically after the desired amount.
After 60 minutes of not being in use, Y1.1 Touch automatically changes to energy-saving mode. By touching the base, after a few second the machine is once again ready for use.
Y1.1 Touch takes the illy sensorial experience to new heights of pleasure.

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