Aldi Expressi coffee machine

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Aldi Expressi coffee machine

Double tapping a Milano in the Aldi Expressi coffee machine. Ridiculously priced at for the coffee machine, and for the frother. .99 for 16 pods. That’s 37 cents per pod.

NO, it’s not perfect. The milker can (and does) burn the milk, and occasionally the pods don’t line up perfectly when you drop them in. But at this price (including a 2 year warranty), it’s an absolute bargain.

Aldi’s Milano and Reggio pods are easily as good as Nespresso’s Arpeggio and Ristretto. And taste even better when you consider the price difference.

If I had to choose between my Nespresso CitiZ and the Aldi Expressi, I’d take the Aldi. Better (IMHO) tasting coffee, easier to clean and empty the machine, 2 year guarantee, much cheaper running costs. It’s only the overly HOT Expressi milk frother that stops it from being a perfect 10/10.

I’d love to be in the Nespresso boardroom when they try out the Aldi machine.

*Actual time to make this coffee was 2 minutes 12 seconds + 30 seconds cleaning.

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