मशीन शिवाय बनवा फेसाळलेली हॉटेल सारखी कॉफी | Coffee with out Machine | Homemade Cappuccino | Ep -303

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मशीन शिवाय बनवा फेसाळलेली हॉटेल सारखी कॉफी | Coffee with out Machine | Homemade Cappuccino | Ep -303
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Coffee is an integral part of our daily life. The thick coffee that we get in restaurants is made with cream and using some machines. Today we will make thick coffee at home that too without any cream or machine. Wondering how? Here we go. Try thick coffee and let me know.

• 1 1/2 cup Whole milk
• 4 tsp Sugar
• 2 tsp Coffee powder
• 1 tbsp Water

• Heat up milk in a sauce pan.
• In a mug take sugar and coffee powder.
• Do not use instant coffee. I have used Nescafe classic.
• Add water and mix it really good.
• Stir until the mixture becomes really thick and foamy for about 5
• Pour out the hot milk into the mixture from a little height.
• This will help to form lot of bubbles on the coffee.
• Thick coffee is already.

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