Krups Coffee Bean and Seed Grinder Video Review

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Krups Coffee Bean and Seed Grinder Video Review

Krups Coffee Bean and Seed Grinder Video Review

Manufacturer’s Description
The Krups twin blade coffee mill has two stainless steel blades which whirl and chop the coffee beans. The versatile unit can also be used to grind all types of dry spices.
The 180w grinder has a large grinding capacity, yielding up to 15 cups of coffee / 85g of coffee beans.

It also features a lid-activated safety switch — the grinder won’t work until the lid is locked in place.

If roasting coffee beans is an art, then turning them into perfect ground coffee is a science.

If the grind is too coarse, the coffee will brew too slowly, and the flavours will not fully develop. If it’s too fine, the coffee will lack aroma and tend towards bitterness. Too much grinding is as bad as too little, for perfect coffee only ‘just right’ will do.

Different coffee machines work best with different grind sizes, so what works well in a cafetiere will produce dreadful coffee in an espresso machine.

Coffee can be ground with either a blade (chopped) or a burr (crushed). Blade grinders chop and re-chop each bean turning them into thousands of coffee fragments. The longer you chop the finer the blend becomes.

Nothing beats a freshly ground, freshly brewed cuppa joe to start the day, and with this grinder, you can have up to 20 cups’ worth of beans at a time. The understated black color and contemporary oval design fit in well with any kitchen décor, while the small size (just 6 inches high) doesn’t take up too much premium counter space. Stainless-steel blades guarantee a long life and an even grind, whether you use this grinder for coffee, spices, nuts, or even whole grains.

Box Contains
1 x Coffee grinder

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