Introducing the Ceado E7 and E10 Coffee Grinders

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Introducing the Ceado E7 and E10 Coffee Grinders
Whole Latte Love presents the Ceado E7 and E10 grinders.

Grind and dose as the professionals do, with the Ceado E10 Burr Grinder. Meticulously built, complete with commercial components and features, the E10 delivers an unparalleled grinding experience. This unit is a low-speed grinder operating at only 690 rpm on a 740-watt direct-drive motor, to reduce static electricity and heat buildup—preserving the integrity of your coffee.

The Ceado E7 Grinder is NSF and UL approved in the US, this grinder is recommended for light commercial or home use. It is designed to minimize heat transfer during the grinding process and deliver consistent coffee grinds for a wide variety of applications, from French press to espresso.
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