Chop Like a Chef: A Man’s Guide to Knife Skills

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Chop Like a Chef: A Man’s Guide to Knife Skills
In this video, I show you some basic knife skills, so even when you’re cooking at home, you can chop like a chef.

Why should you improve your knife skills in the kitchen?

A lot of guys say they would like to cook more at home, but they can’t find the time. But here’s the thing: if you learn how to prep your food faster, you’ll be able to cook faster…and you’ll be able to do it more often. Learning how to handle a chef knife is a big part of that.

Also, if  you improve your knife skills, you can have better consistency of cuts, which means your food cooks more evenly and probably tastes better.

Finally, there’s a healthy dose of showmanship when you know how to wield a knife in the kitchen…maybe for those times when you’re cooking for a special lady—whether it’s your new girlfriend of 2 weeks or your wife of 25 years. Basically, it doesn’t hurt to look like you know what you’re doing.

0:23 How to Stabilize Your Cutting Board
0:47 Proper Knife Grip
0:59 The Claw
1:41 Three Chopping Techniques
1:47 The Rock Chop
2:13 The Cross Chop
2:35 The Tap Chop
3:43 Dicing an Onion Like a Pro
4:35 Julienne Cut
5:13 Chiffonade Cut

Basic Knife Skills


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