Kitchen Gear Review My Allen Booth And Company Extra Large Cutting Board

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Kitchen Gear Review My Allen Booth And Company Extra Large Cutting Board
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Hi guys Richard Blaine here thanks for stopping by my EZ Cookng Channel toningt! Tonight I want to show you this: My Allen Booth Company 100% American made Extra large cutting board that I am going to talk about and review tonight and I am also going to give all of you a chance to enter into a sweepstakes to win a 0.00 shopping spree at Allen and a 10% discount code for purchases as well. The links can be found right below in the description box so lets get started!

Many of you know how pro American I am about the products I buy and I always do my best to buy American and I have expressed it many times here on the Tubes and elsewhere! American quality products is what I like the most. I like to buy American and support American jobs which so many seem to have forgotten in recent years. Recently I partnered up with the Allen Booth Company of Jackson Mississippi a maker of fine 100% American made products for the kitchen and home and it is one of these products that I would like to discuss and demonstrate for you today!

You see in the kitchen size really does matter! That’s right! In the kitchen the size of your wood really does matter!
I mean what can you do in your kitchen with this tiny little wood? Not much!
Now this is what I call major wood! This is my Allen Booth Company Extra Large Cutting Board! My extra large wood!
I can do all that I need to do with this extra large wood cutting board.

The Allen Booth Co. XL Cutting Board Dimensions
14 in. by 21 in. by 0.75 in.
It is made of Multiple-woods Multiple hardwoods maple, walnut, cherry, and poplar(really hard woods) You need hard wood in your kitchen.
Harvested and Crafted in USA by the Allen Booth Company of Jackson Mississippi

The Allen Booth Company are Makers quality hand crafted goods for the home by American trained craftsmen!
Everything the Allen Booth Company makes is Designed to last a lifetime.
And is Made from generations of expert craftsmanship.

The current family owner of the Allen Booth company grew up in a world of cheap mass production as did many of us in the last 40yrs or so where it’s better to replace things than repair them.
The Allen Booth Company desired to make more quality and less stuff as we used to do in this country.
We as Americans used to build products that lasted a lifetime!
That’s what the Allen Booth Company does! They make American made products made to las a lifetime!
The Allen Booth Company are makers of:

1. Well-made goods for your kitchen and home
2. Care and craftsmanship in production
3. The Allen Booth Company Interviews candidates for employment to share the path of education to become master craftsman.
4. The Allen Booth Company Promotes apprenticeship programs and the teaching of trade skills to the level of master craftsman and craftsmanship to qualified candidates.
The good old fashioned American way!

The Allen Booth Company believes: That mastery of anything is an admirable skill in an era of cheap, easy, mass produced junk.
Let’s face it! You get what you pay for and yes you will pay a bit more for one of these cutting boards but used properly they will last a lifetime and that is how Allen Booth makes their products!

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