STARRY NEEDS HELP!!!!! LIVING With Attention Deficit & GLOVES

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STARRY NEEDS HELP!!!!! LIVING With Attention Deficit & GLOVES
Starry needs help? Well its the truth my Friends I am a left handed…or maybe a right handed glove addict-or….I swear…I can be so organized and intelligent yet gloves..socks…YOU got me!
But today I wanted to really just grab the camera and share what it is like to have ADHD. I can go fr om one project to another..then i can get so distracted. Losing t hings and keeping track..difficult!
So..those o you with ADHD (I call it A.D.D) you get how it is. And for those o you who dont have it..Now you can see what it is like. We take it with a smile…and just a a day at a time

Enjoy it with a smile!!

Starry Hilder

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Address: 6640 Kaniksu St, Bonners Ferry, ID 83805

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Good Canning Book!

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