Shun Premier vs. Victorinox Fibrox — Paring Knife.

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Shun Premier vs. Victorinox Fibrox — Paring Knife. – Shun Premier Paring Knife. – Victorinox Fibrox Paring Knife. – Shun Sora Paring Knife (BEST VALUE).

Off the bat, I know that these two knives are in completely different classes. However, I’ve been asked by many to compare higher-end knives to more budget-friendly knives so that they can decide if it is better to save some money or to pay a bit more. A very reasonable request and a very common question.

The Victorinox Fibrox line is the best “budget-friendly” knife you can get. It is sharp and sturdy. However, it uses softer steel, does not have a full tang, and doesn’t have “lasting power.”

The Shun Premier is an extremely high-end line– it uses hard steel, it is clad in 34 layers of stainless steel, it has a hammered finish, it has a full tang, and it comes with lifetime sharpening.

In this video, I compare the Shun Premier Paring Knife to the Victorinox Fibrox Paring Knife and give my opinions.

Aside from comparing the two knives, I also give a final tip, a compromise of sorts, for those looking to save money on knives but who still want a great set.

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