Miyabi Birchwood vs Global — Paring Knife.

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Miyabi Birchwood vs Global — Paring Knife.
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The Miyabi Birchwood line is Miyabi’s highest end knife line. It uses SG2 steel with a hardness of 63 for the blade and then further wraps either side with 50 layers of stainless steel, creating one of the most jaw-dropingly gorgeous damascus patterns you’ve ever seen. The blade is ground down to an insanely sharp 9 degree angle and the handle itself is made of birchwood— a wood originally used for million dollar faberge eggs.

Global is one of the original modern “Japanese” style knives that forced the European companies to get their act together. It is immediately recognizable by its all metal construction and black dimples along the handle.

In this video, compare and contrast the Miyabi Birchwood Paring Knife to the Global Paring Knife and give my thoughts.

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