Accu Sharp Knife Sharpener review. Great portable sharpener

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Accu Sharp Knife Sharpener review. Great portable sharpener
Accu Sharp Knife Sharpener Review

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What’s up guys? Bird from doing a review on the Accu Sharp 008 OD Texas black knife sharpener. Sweet little lightweight, the Accu Sharp weighs 1.4 ounces. Knife sharpener that you can use in the kitchen, use in the bush, use camping, or whatever you need. It goes in your tackle box.

All you do I I’ll grab this Berkeley fillet knife. You just take this there’s these little V’s here as you can see. Hold this now ideally this would be the edge of your table and the knife should hang out half an inch to two inches. But for demonstration purposes I’m not going to do that. Make sure your fingers are securely underneath the guard and then lightly press down and you’ll hear it sharpen.

And you only need to do it two or three times, and that knife is sharp. I can tell you the knife is very sharp. It also works on larger knives like this K Bar 1213 utility knife same thing 90 degree angle. gentle pressure, gentle pressure and that knife is vey sharp.
The other good feature about this is you can use it with these three screws here. You take these three screws off if this ever becomes dull on the inside you can flip it around. So you take these screws off, flip the sharpener and you’ve got some added new life to it.

It’s the Accu Sharp 008 OD Texas black knife sharpener great for the kitchen, camping, tackle box. If you need a knife sharpener I highly suggest this one it’s 10 or 11 bucks on Amazon. I’ll put a link to it below in the description and if you are going to go to Amazon please click through my website first at
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