Process of making Katana kitchen knives – Japan Quality

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Process of making Katana kitchen knives – Japan Quality
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The “Katana Kitchen Knife”, made with the same high carbon steel, is crafted in the exact same way a Japanese Katana Sword, made by a sword smith, is made.

The Katana Sword is made from pure iron sand, however these days people use iron ore. We personally make high quality steel from iron sand, and are passionate about making real, high quality Katana knives.

All hand crafted! All steel “Honyaki Knifes”

We make the knives in the same way as a traditional Katana Sword, finishing with a beautiful tempered lines on the blade. We finish by checking and testing the quality of each individual knife to insure we sell only the highest quality product.

Please enjoy the feel and use of our beautifully crafted “Katana Kitchen Knives”.

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